The four communities around Binn Farm have been approached by Green Cat Renewables GCR offering 100% ownership of 2 x 2.35MW turbines located at the Binn Eco Park Wind Farm. Although this is a long term proposition the potential is for these communities to share a profit of £2 million at the end of the 18 year project. Come along to the Public Meeting at Gateside Village Hall on 14th January at 7.30 to find out what is involved. Two sets of slides containing detailed information on the project can be downloaded HERE

Another great evening. Many thanks to Sandra for organising this great opportunity to get out of the house and spend some time with other villagers. All proceeds go to Glenrothes Food Bank.

Gold Award

As everyone will know the efforts of our dedicated Dunshalt in Bloom team were rewarded this year with the coveted Gold Award. The new road signs are now in place and it’s time to celebrate this magnificent achievement.

The Community Association are hosting a celebration event where we’ll all be able to publicly recognise the achievement and thank the Dunshalt In Bloom volunteers for the tremendous amount of effort that went into achieving the Gold Award.

As well as reflecting on this year’s success we’d also like to use the event to discuss how Dunshalt in Bloom might develop in the future, for example:

  • How do we make best use of the Community Woodland? Indeed how many knew we had a Community Woodland!!

  • How do we best involve the children and young people in the village? The Painting the Potts and Sunflower Competition of the past two years have been tremendously successful and we’d like to see this aspect grow.

  • How do we recruit new volunteers to maintain the exceptionally high standards achieved by the current small team. There’s no need for a Monty Don or an Alan Titchmarsh here. Most of the duties are more mundane – planting, watering and weeding!!

  • How do we improve the non-floral aspects of the village? The award is after all for the best kept village and there’s a lot of non flowery work to be done.

Celebration Evening

Friday 22nd November

Village Hall


Teas, Coffees, Juice, Cakes and Nibbles, Cheese and Wine


All Welcome


What a great evening!. With two of Scotland's top fiction writers, Mary Paulson-Ellis and Claire Askew, sharing a stage a large audience was treated to a fascinating insight into the minds of the two authors, the background to their crime writing and to readings from their latest publications. After an interesting Q&A session both authors were on hand to discuss their work informally and to sign some of their books.

Although not much looks to have changed from the outside, it's been all go inside the shop. It's usually a sign that the end is near when there's a painter's van sitting outside! And indeed there is a long awaited COMPLETION DATE - FRIDAY 25th OCTOBER. With final kitting out and stocking up after that, opening date should be early in December. So hopefully we'll all be able to do our Christmas shopping at our own community shop.