Following the passionate discussion about the Ferguson Trust at the last Community Association AGM in May, the Secretary submitted a Freedom of Information request to Fife Council to ask for the release of the original Trust documents. We are delighted to report that these have now been received.

Contrary to the opinions expressed at the meeting, these documents prove conclusively that the Trust was set up to provide for "the institution and maintenance of a district Nurse for the sick and poor in Dunshalt and Auchtermuchty".

John Ferguson died in 1909 and left his estate to be liferented by his sister Agnes. When she died in 1925 the estate passed to the Trustees to administer the Nurses Fund.

The County Council was asked by the Trustees in 1954 to take over the administration of the Trust. In 1955 the Health and Welfare Committee agreed that the funds should be used "for the provision of additional comforts for the aged and / or sick poor in Auchtermuchty District."

As the NHS developed the provision of a District Nurse came within its scope and in 1966 the County Medical Officer wrote that the funding was no longer required for that purpose and should be used "for the benefit of elderly folk in the two places".

Beyond this there is no stipulation that the fund may or may not be used for any specific purpose.

The full document may be downloaded HERE