We've been making a few changes which make best use of new technologies, will make our operation more efficient and, most importantly, make for a better experience for our customers.

Hall Heating
With the help of a grant from Fife Council we've installed a new SMART heating control system. This means that we can now control the temperature of each room separately, programmed on a daily basis to suit the needs of each individual user group. Best of all, the system is controlled by an app so everything can be set up from a mobile phone.

Hall WiFi
In order to get our new heating controls up and running we needed to have a WiFi connection in the Hall. The advent of new routers which utilise 3g, 4g and even 5g phone technology made this possible without the ongoing high costs of a full broadband connection. This has meant that for a very modest outlay we've now been able to make this connection available to all our Hall user groups. It doesn't provide blisteringly fast fibre speeds but good enough for general web browsing and music streaming.

Hall Lighting
We've changed all the old flickering fluorescent lights with new, bright and energy efficient LED's. This has made the building a much brighter and welcoming place.

Cashless Payments
As we began collecting subscriptions for the 100 Club last summer we soon realised how rare cash has become over the past two years. We've therefore now set up a cashless payment system which we tested for the first time at the Fete, and it worked a treat. So the next time we're collecting subscriptions or selling tickets all you'll need to do is waft your contactless card at our card reader and job done.