Fife Council carried out a speed check at the south end of Main Street during October 2022, with the following results:
Average speed southbound - 24mph
Average speed northbound - 23mph

*85th percentile speed southbound - 30mph
*85th percentile speed northbound - 29mph

* 85th percentile speed means that 85% of traffic was travelling at this speed or less.

The Council officer providing the report says:

"It is a quiet road, but the averages are bordering on the higher side of where we would prefer them to be and the 85th percentiles show that most drivers still think it is a 30mph road, rather than the 20mph that is in place.

I am copying in xxxxx to this email, to have him look at this road to see if there is anything that could be done to help reduce the speed of traffic.  It will be well into next financial year before we would be able to do anything on the ground."